Press release (26.01.2016) - VR-Demo in the Digital Eatery

Trotzkind and Microsoft Berlin invite you to a thrilling, interactive Virtual Reality experience. Right at the beginning of the Berlinale film festival, the Berlin-based start-up Trotzkind will reveal the worldwide first prototype for a VR news broadcast: ZDF heute – Mission Mars. From the 08th till 12th of February the Digital Eatery of Microsoft Berlin opens its door to several immersive experiences in Virtual Reality.

Registered visitors will be able to experience VR with free range of movement and stories that are personalized by the user's decisions. In a 3D-environment the visitor interacts with virtual people, that have been brought to life by a 3D camera system.

With this technology the Berlin-based start-up closes the gap between linear storytelling and interactive experiences. Cinematic storytelling and interaction are united to create new creative possibilities and a first prototype will be presented in cooperation with Microsoft Berlin. Five different case studies demonstrate the wide range of possibilities in the fields of news, films, games, architecture and medicine.

The research and development was done by Trotzkind with the support of their project partners Microsoft Berlin, Media-Innovation-Center Potsdam-Babelsberg, Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, their 3IT – Innovation Center for Immersive Imaging Technologies and the ZDF heute journal. This newly developed production-pipeline combines motion tracking & capturing, videogrammetry and RGB‑D-filming technology. The main focus of the innovation is the modeling of people with the help of a 3D-free-viewpoint-camera-system.

Christoph Seitz, head of innovation & marketing Microsoft Berlin, is inviting you to experience the future of VR: “The Digital Eatery always tries to show the newest technological innovations. Among them are Virtual Reality applications and experiences. They show what the future of audio-visual image- and digital-media could look like – both for cultural as well as commercial and industrial applications.”

ZDF Heute – Mission Mars gives an impression of what the future of news and television could look like. Based on one of the biggest media events of all time, the moon landing, you will explore the mars landing from the cockpit of a spaceship. You will be an active part of the crew. Will you be able to help them?

Watson VR is an interactive detective story-experiment, which drops you right in the middle of a crime investigation. Depending on the decisions you make during the story, the resolution of the story will differ. How will you decide?

Tower Defense VR places emphasis on the fun and interactivity of VR. Build and destroy! Bring back long- (or not so long) forgotten memories of the sandboxes from your childhood.

Berlin Flat VR lets you wander around in a flat and shows the immersive power and wide scope of VR beyond narrative storytelling. You get an impression of the architecture and understand, how VR can be used for pre-visualization.

Skeleton VR shows how VR can be used for eduction. Be it for human anatomy or how chemicals react – experiencing and understanding in VR will visually change your learning curve.

Microsoft Digital Eatery, Unter den Linden 17 – 08th till 12th February 2016

If you want to visit, please register under: Registration-Link

Trotzkind was founded in 2014 in Berlin by Sven Haeberlein and Nico Nonne. The company focuses on the development of technologies and stories for Virtual Reality and interactive experiences. Trotzkind offers services in the areas of interactive storytelling, motion tracking & capturing, videogrammetry and RGB‑D-filming technology. The 3D-free-viewpoint-camera-system for photo-realistic, free explorable 3D-recordings of humans is their current research focus. They thank their project partners for their support.


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Sven Haeberlein
Trotzkind GmbH
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Astrid Aupperle
Microsoft Berlin
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