Interactive Media Producer / Game Producer (f/m)

Your Responsibilities
  • Participates in the upfront discovery process, where the objectives and audience are being defined.
  • Partner with the team to identify the resource allocation and general timeline needed to complete the project.
  • Engage with external creative vendors and negotiate contracts, when needed.
  • Collaborate with the team to define requirements and create a documentation for those requirements.
  • Collaborate with developers on determining materials, methods and software/hardware considerations; facilitating the documentation of technical specifications.
  • Define the scope of projects and estimate their amount of work (both of which may be completed with a phased approach, depending on the scale of the project).
  • Be responsible for project accuracy, functionality and usability, as well as fidelity to the objectives defined in the brief.
  • Consult with the team to create a QA test plan.
  • Be responsible for project accuracy, functionality and usability, as well as fidelity to the objectives defined in the brief.
  • Work in partnership with the management to prioritize revision requests, and identify when they jeopardize a project's budget, timeline or quality.
  • Communicate the project workload to the team and management.

Your Qualifications
  • Minimum of two years of experience managing interactive projects.
  • Passion for interactive medias like games, VR & AR and other emerging technologies with a strong desire to be an active contributor to both strategic and creative discussions.
  • You thrive on problem solving and collaboration, while creating and managing highly compelling interactive experiences and coordinating the efforts of cross-functional teams.
  • Experience with budgeting and estimating worksheets.
  • Knowledge of interactive technologies and game engines for effective communication with clients and staff to properly manage project components.
  • Ability to translate technical jargon into layperson's terms.
  • Strong cognitive skills, including problem solving, decision making and analysis.
  • Excellent communication skills.

Nice-to-have Qualifications
  • Experience with Virtual and Augmented Reality.
  • Experience in the games industry.
  • Experience with Scrum or Kanban.
  • Proficiency in German is welcome but not required.
  • Working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Experience with small social video projects.

What We Offer
  • Working on a wide spectrum of tasks ranging from interactive industrial applications to location-based gaming.
  • Having the chance to gain experience in the very current topics of VR & AR.
  • Producing one of the first VR Escape Rooms worldwide.
  • Having fun as part of a passionate team.
  • Being in the middle of Berlin.

Who We Are

Trotzkind GmbH is an award-winning Berlin based content and technology provider for immersive media such as VR, AR, 360°-video, games, films and interactive installations. Their client's industries range from the entertainment industry to business applications, from medical solutions to architectural designs, from software development to creating a great IP.

Trotzkind's strong focus on digital storytelling combines the emotional depths of films with the interactivity and choices from games. That is why Trotzkind developed cutting-edge technologies ranging from photorealistic reconstructions of objects and 3D-filmed people to their own implementation of VR multiplayer with physics for real-time engines.

In 2016 Trotzkind was developing a prototype for a Chinese VR arcade company to explore the planet Mars together with your friends. In May 2017 Trotzkind opened HUXLEY® Berlin - a location based Multiuser VR Experience where you meet a cool AI and save the world in 44 minutes. HUXLEY® is one of the first VR Escape Rooms worldwide and is open for licence.

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