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The first impression counts

The digitization of our world offers an immense new box of different innovations. New business cases are created and old process chains can be optimised again.

It is not just difficult for recruiting and HR marketing to stand out from the crowd especially at conferences and trade fairs. In addition to huge banners and displays, the contents of the company are presented to a very diverse crowd. But the large number of exhibitors quickly leads visitors to lose track of the company’s particularly promising and exciting information. VR and AR present an advantage here because mediated contents are experienced much more intensively and therefore remain in the minds of users much longer. Companies will stay in the visitors’ memories much longer with such attractions at trade show events.

Open up for more transparency

Nowadays it is no longer enough to just feed prospective apprentices information about the company. Younger people looking for training in particular are increasingly keen to identify with the company where they will work. So how a company presents itself to the outside world is all the more important. A VR tour through the company is one of the best ways to open up to the prospective employee while pointing to innovative technology and digitisation. In a VR tour, viewers can get personal insight into the premises and corporate structures and thereby lose initial inhibitions about taking up contact. This allows you to communicate with them at the same level and provides them with more intense access.

Benefits of recruiting XR

  • Provide a first impression of the company
  • Underline the innovative ideas of the company
  • Present your workplace and devices virtually on-site
  • Explain the initial processes and procedures of activities
  • Visual learning and multilingual overlays for more comprehensible onboarding
  • Training with less effort and costsBroad application areas throughout the company

Testing of initial work processes

Another possible application for VR is an initial simulation of work processes and working methods that the trainee could face. It is already possible today to reproduce extremely realistic situations and to convey processes with interactive VR applications. Users could already develop an interest in the activity and the professional field on the spot through such a VR Experience at an early stage and without much effort or costly transporting of heavy or expensive equipment on the part of companies. In addition to our professional experience as a VR agency, we can also draw on game industry know-how by linking the application to storytelling and gamifaction elements. This creates a better connection to the task and promotes interest.

Familiarization and continuing education

Gamification not only arouses users’ interest, it also makes it easy to train mechanisms and ways of working. No matter if it’s with VR, AR or MR, the principle is often the same. Non-game content is packaged into the context of a game, allowing players to tackle tasks on their own and internalise behaviours and information much better. This model can also be used in onboarding or in subsequent training. It can also be used for more than just apprentices in the company. Every employee can benefit from this increasingly popular method of e-learning. Within the framework of the game, results can also be compared among the employees and shared through social media – all through a specially developed training program for the company. This allows immersive media to have far-reaching influence on the real world and constantly improve training processes.Another big advantage of training and further education in VR, besides cost-savings, is easy understandability. Communication problems are a thing of the past, as each step is clearly and intelligibly shown with visual cues. This can be particularly beneficial when training foreign-language trainees and employees.

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