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VR/AR workshops for individual projects

Shaping the future with VR/AR.

The digitisation of our world offers an immense new box of different innovations. New business cases are created and old process chains can be optimised again.

Ever-advancing technical progress is leading to the increasing digitisation of our world. New techniques generate faster processes, more effective performance and more versatile applications. Although this means an increase in new opportunities, it also leads to changes in old systems. But not all companies are making the leap into the new digital age equally as fast and smoothly. Security holes, bottlenecks and uncertainties can arise in the company in the handling of new technologies. So digitisation can be a major hurdle, though it could make things so much easier if used correctly. Tools such as VR and AR can be used in various application areas such as e-learning, gamification or specially tailored workshops to provide a simple solution that paves the way to a digital age.

What can e-learning be used for?

E-learning is particularly good at conveying knowledge quickly and easily. Virtual reality in particular offers the possibility to present the most complicated contents vividly and comprehensibly. Constant progress is easy and the options can be used everywhere in combination with apps and a CardBoard. Employees can be trained directly and quickly via virtual experiences. Experiencing problem situations in a realistic environment can, with some assistance, lead to great performance success and reduce fears.
Augmented reality is equally as versatile but less intense. The users own reality is extended here via a smartphone or a tablet and supplemented with useful information and contents. Elements and information are made available in different ways and integrated into tangible reality via the display. The best known example of this application is the smartphone game Pokemon Go, in which characters are integrated into the environment via the display. However, this tool has also been used for advertising and interior design and can serve as an e-learning platform.

Contents of the workshop:
Try out AR/VR applications
VR user experiences and trends
AR/VR scenarios / Prototypes for your company

What a Trotzkind VR/AR workshop offers

At Trotzkind we offer more than just consultation on “The digital transformation of your own company” with our workshops. It is important to us not only to point out ongoing digitisation, but also to work together effectively on solutions within the company. So we offer a 2-day workshop that provides professional support to deal with digital transformation and to work on problems in a targeted way. We have direct practical experience in this field which allows us to find new paths into the digital age together with you.

It is all about boosting your in-house productivity by modernising your processes. The interactive cooperation with which we aim for the following goals in the workshops is particular important here:

  • Introduction to the subject
  • Analysis of prevailing business structure
  • Differentiation of individual problem areas
  • Joint solution-oriented brainstorming
  • Application examples and use cases
  • Goals, benefits, effort, costs

The resulting benefits extend to a wide variety of areas. On the one hand, this makes it possible to build new business cases by being able to link to new product types. Strengthening the customer base and sales is also made possible through professionally driven digitisation. The fundamental modernisation and optimisation of internal company processes also contribute here. The result is entirely up to you because communication is everything. We want to work together with you to search for internal bottlenecks and collaborate on a suitable solution that will help you to move into the future stronger than ever.

Would you like a non-binding offer for an AR/VR workshop for your company? Contact us.